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Our proprietary methods for automation helps to execute routines unlike any other competitor. If there’s a standardized routine of tasks that can be completed on a Windows PC, we can likely automate that process for you.

Reduce labor costs and eliminate human error all at once with electronic employees who make data entry easy!

Example Use-Cases

Continuous Data Sync

Do you spend time manually entering orders, inventory, or sales from one system into another? Set up digital employees to immediately perform the work for you based on any number of triggers – such as an incoming email, database change, time of day, or user action.

Automate Standard Processes

Instead of having a human on standby to manually initiate or advance a boilerplate process, let us handle it for you! We can create digital employees to do things like send welcome emails, collect data, deliver reports, or create digital signature requests.

Businesses Depend on 5 Point’s Automation To Run Efficiently

Brian and his staff of experts have helped my company with an automation and artificial intelligence project. We deal with county and state governments which doesn’t always make sense.

5 Point Solutions always has the flexibility and attention to detail required and has been awesome to work with. Highly recommended. Thanks Guys!

John Sanner

DIY Tax Appeals Principal

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