From basic websites to a robotic employee workforce.
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Web Applications

Have a big idea but wondering where to start? 5 Point can help build your vision into reality! All the way from inception to a delivered product, we’re ready to guide you each step of the way.

Website Development

Looking to elevate your brand’s presence on the web? 5 Point offers a simple and easy way to use your website as a digital marketing platform and leave a lasting impression on customers.

E-Commerce Sites

Have your items sold in no time with a carefully built e-commerce website designed just for you! Our team will help find an effective and appropriate solution, no matter the size of your project.


Looking to integrate? Trying to figure out how to combine sales information from your CRM and connect it to your ERP? Let 5 Point help you get your data together.


Are daily tasks a bore? Let 5 Point use their proprietary robot software to automate the most redundant and boring tasks by creating electronic employees, eliminating human error.

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Not sure what kind of solution your business needs? Reach out and our team of experts will assess your unique situation.

Our 5 Step Process

A proper discovery and planning phase absolutely means the difference between project success and disaster. We carefully review each challenge and decide the best possible solution – taking into consideration your budget and timelines.

Once the project has been approved, we all meet to review roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Then, the development team can begin executing the plan.

It’s important to us that your project aligns with your goals and meets or exceeds expectations. We provide a regularly updated test environment so you can provide feedback and help shape your final product. Testing is performed in conjunction with our internal team to ensure a great user experience.

Making your launch a success is very important to us. The 5-Point team is on stand-by to make any last-minute changes or adjustments needed to keep things moving smoothly.

No one knows your new system better than the team that created it. 5-Point Software offers post-launch support to keep your site operating quickly, efficiently, and securely.

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